Tailormade Stocco

Minimalist elegance

Loop is a system of suspended bathroom furniture with an elegant and timeless design. The dimensions are designed to offer great storage capacity in a depth optimized for today’s living spaces. The hidden handle, the attention to ergonomics, the choice of materials and workings suitable for the bathroom environment draw the substance of Loop.

Simple, elegant, beautiful: Loop is a rigorous project that enhances the essentiality of the rectangular shape.

A relief frame designs and encloses the profile of the suspended unit. It recovers in the columns, in the open elements, in the hanging units, creating a pleasant continuum.

The Loop system allows ample flexibility of solutions and includes base units and washbasin units, central, front or side end open units in different heights and storage solutions. It is completed with hanging units, columns and shelves in different finishes and widths.

Available in two versions: Loop 53 modular and customizable, Loop 51 monobloc.

A selection of integrated washbasins and sit-on washbasins allows to create highly customized compositions.

Loop 51

An elegant frame for capacious monoblocks

/ Depth 51 cm, height 32 or 48 cm.
/ Sides and fronts in wood or lacquered finish
/ Wide choice of tops with integrated or sit-on washbasins


The relief frame draws an elegant profile

/ Depth 53 cm, height 32 or 48 cm.
/ Sides and fronts in wood or lacquered finish
/ Wide choice of tops with integrated or sit-on washbasins

Materials and finishes

/ Sides and fronts

O.20 – B.21 Bianco
O.36 – B.113 Bordeaux
O.46 – B.100 Nero
O.172 – B.171 Lino
O.174 – B.173 Corda
O.180 – B.179 Avana
O.182 – B.181 Salvia
O.190 – B.189 Oltremare
O.198 – B.104 Grafite
O.231 – B.230 Perla
O.233 – B.232 Seta
O.235 – B.234 Alpaca
O.237 – B.236 Argilla
O.239 – B.238 Pietra
O.241 – B.240 Cervino
O.243 – B.242 Dolomiti
O.245 – B.244 Arizona
O.247 – B.246 Cipria
O.249 – B.248 Erica
O.251 – B.250 Terra
O.253 – B.252 Granata
O.255 – B.254 Bosco
O.257 – B.256 Oliva
O.259 – B.258 Canapa
O.261 – B.260 Cotone
O.263 – B.262 Efeso
O.265 – B.264 Lavaredo
O.267 – B.266 Pamir
O.269 – B.268 Bromo
O.271 – B.270 Tahiti
O.273 – B.272 Santorini
O.275 – B.274 Lavanda
O.277 – B.276 Lilla
O.279 – B.278 Pesca
O.281 – B.280 Savana
O.283 – B.282 Salice
O.285 – B.284 Oriente
O.287 – B.286 Oceano
O.289 – B.288 Ottawa
O.291 – B.290 Londra
O.293 – B.292 Fes
O.295 – B.294 Jaipur
O.297 – B.296 Orinoco
CAT EL-Ebano lucido
CAT EO-Ebano opaco
CAT NT-Noce Tan
CAT OS-Olmo Smoke
CAT RC-Legno Rovere Termocotto
CAT RN-Legno Rovere naturale
CAT RS-Legno Rovere Safari
CAT WN-Legno Walnut naturale
Loop is completed with hanging units, mirrors, interior lighting, drawer organizers and various accessories.