Tailormade Stocco

Minimalist design and functionality

#46 is a proposal of monobloc washbasins that strikes a perfect balance between minimalist aesthetics and functionality, with the quality that distinguishes every Tailormade Stocco product. #46 is a reasoned, value-driven project that responds quickly and flexibly to the multiple needs of a contemporary lifestyle.

Compact volumes, aesthetics in the details.

#46 is the result of careful design that enhances quality. The depth of the cabinets is optimized for medium bathroom spaces while offering capacity and solidity. The volumes, compact and rigorous, are lightened by the reduced profile of the sides that draws the edge of the one-piece cabinet with a precise and identifying stroke.

The combination with high washbasins, or ceramic, Ceramilux or Mineralmarmo washbasin tops, creates a harmonious and functional whole.

The details make the difference: groove opening with 45-degree profile and soft-system closing, capacious drawers, also in space-saving version without siphon shaping for neat and tidy spaces.

#46 has a depth of 46 cm and is available in widths 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 and 120 cm with heights of 48, 55 cm in the suspended version and 88.5 cm in the floor-standing version.


Suspended or floor-standing one-piece washbasin units

/ Depth 46 cm, height 48 or 55 cm suspended, or 88.5 cm floor-standing
/ Sides and fronts in lacquered or HST 2.0 finish
/ Top with integrated washbasin in Mineralmarmo, Ceramilux or ceramic

Materials and finishes

/ Sides and fronts

CAT HST 2.0- K21 Legno Spring
CAT HST 2.0- K23 Legno Summer
CAT HST 2.0- K25 Legno Autumn
O.20 – B.21 Bianco
O.36 – B.113 Bordeaux
O.46 – B.100 Nero
O.172 – B.171 Lino
O.174 – B.173 Corda
O.180 – B.179 Avana
O.182 – B.181 Salvia
O.190 – B.189 Oltremare
O.198 – B.104 Grafite
O.231 – B.230 Perla
O.233 – B.232 Seta
O.235 – B.234 Alpaca
O.237 – B.236 Argilla
O.239 – B.238 Pietra
O.241 – B.240 Cervino
O.243 – B.242 Dolomiti
O.245 – B.244 Arizona
O.247 – B.246 Cipria
O.249 – B.248 Erica
O.251 – B.250 Terra
O.253 – B.252 Granata
O.255 – B.254 Bosco
O.257 – B.256 Oliva
O.259 – B.258 Canapa
O.261 – B.260 Cotone
O.263 – B.262 Efeso
O.265 – B.264 Lavaredo
O.267 – B.266 Pamir
O.269 – B.268 Bromo
O.271 – B.270 Tahiti
O.273 – B.272 Santorini
O.275 – B.274 Lavanda
O.277 B.276 Lilla
O.279 B.278 Pesca
O.281 B.280 Savana
O.283 B.282 Salice
O.285 B.284 Oriente
O.287 B.286 Oceano
O.289 B.288 Ottawa
O.291 B.290 Londra
O.293 B.292 Fes
O.295 B.294 Jaipur
O.297 B.296 Orinoco
#46 is completed with hanging units and columns, mirrors, interior, lighting, towel racks, drawer organizers and various accessories.