Tailormade Stocco

The emotion of design

Iks is a high quality wall-hung bathroom furniture system designed to enhance the essentiality of forms and the character of materials. It is the result of a rigorous approach to design: this is why it allows multiple design variations without losing its aesthetic and functional values.

The most distinctive element of Iks is the 45-degree angle. Its essential design is found in the joints of the structure and in the sloping cut of the top of the fronts that creates a practical and elegant opening system.

The Iks system offers multiple design solutions in two construction variants for highly customizable configurations:

Iks / Jazz Stylish natural Oak or Natural Walnut wood fronts veneered on black-colored MDF with design engravings, opening with 45° groove

Iks full with Frame basin integrated into the Fenix structure;

Iks up with structure in wood or other materials and countertop.

Iks / Jazz

Stylish natural Oak or Natural Walnut wood fronts veneered on black-colored MDF with design engravings, opening with 45° groove
/ Width 70 to 180 cm, height 50 cm
/ Matt lacquered structure for Iks up version
/ Fenix structure for Iks full and Iks mobile version

Iks full Frame

The rigorous design enhances the character of the solutions
/ Jointed at 45 degrees on the four corners
/ Fenix NTM structure, wood, lacquered or Gres fronts
/ Integrated or sit-on washbasin

Iks Up

The essentiality of forms inspires new expressive possibilities
/ Jointed at 45 degrees on the two lower corners
/ Wooden or lacquered structure, wooden, lacquered, or Gres fronts
/ Top with integrated or sit-on washbasin

Materials and finishes

/ Structure

FX32 Bianco Kos
FX717 Castoro Ottawa
FX718 Grigio Londra
FX720 Nero Ingo
FX724 Grigio Bromo
FX725 Grigio Efeso
FX749 Cacao Orinoco
FX751 Rosso Jaipur
FX754 Blu Fes

CAT OW-Laccato Bianco opaco

CAT RN-Legno Rovere naturale
Matt lacquered

O.20 – Bianco

O.36 – Bordeaux

O.46 – Nero

O.172 – Lino

O.174 – Corda

O.180 – Avana

O.182 – Salvia

O.190 – Oltremare

O.198 – Grafite

O.231 – Perla

O.233 – Seta

O.235 – Alpaca

O.237 – Argilla

O.239 – Pietra

O.241 – Cervino

O.243 – Dolomiti

O.245 – Arizona

O.247 – Cipria

O.249 – Erica

O.251 – Terra

O.253 – Granata

O.255 – Bosco

O.257 – Oliva

O.259 – Canapa

O.261 – Cotone

O.263 – Efeso

O.265 – Lavaredo

O.267 – Pamir

O.269 – Bromo

O.271 – Tahiti

O.273 – Santorini

O.275 – Lavanda

O.277- Lilla

O.279 – Pesca

O.281 – Savana

O.283 – Salice

O.285 – Oriente

O.287 – Oceano

O.289 – Ottawa

O.291 – Londra

O.293 – Fes

O.295 – Jaipur

O.297 – Orinoco

/ Fronts

CAT FG-FG01 Bianco Satuario Venato soft touch
CAT FG-FG02 Bianco Satuario Venato lucidato
CAT FG-FG03 Oro Venato soft touch
CAT FG-FG04 Oro Venato lucidato
CAT FG-FG05 Nero Marquina soft touch
CAT FG-FG06 Nero Marquina lucidato
CAT FG-FG07 Noir Desir soft touch
CAT FG-FG08 Noir Desir lucidato
O.20 – B.21 Bianco
O.36 – B.113 Bordeaux
O.46 – B.100 Nero
O.172 – B.171 Lino
O.174 – B.173 Corda
O.180 – B.179 Avana
O.182 – B.181 Salvia
O.190 – B.189 Oltremare
O.198 – B.104 Grafite
O.231 – B.230 Perla
O.233 – B.232 Seta
O.235 – B.234 Alpaca
O.237 – B.236 Argilla
O.239 – B.238 Pietra
O.241 – B.240 Cervino
O.243 – B.242 Dolomiti
O.245 – B.244 Arizona
O.247 – B.246 Cipria
O.249 – B.248 Erica
O.251 – B.250 Terra
O.253 – B.252 Granata
O.255 – B.254 Bosco
O.257 – B.256 Oliva
O.259 – B.258 Canapa
O.261 – B.260 Cotone
O.263 – B.262 Efeso
O.265 – B.264 Lavaredo
O.267 – B.266 Pamir
O.269 – B.268 Bromo
O.271 – B.270 Tahiti
O.273 – B.272 Santorini
O.275 – B.274 Lavanda
O.277 – B.276 Lilla
O.279 – B.278 Pesca
O.281 – B.280 Savana
O.283 – B.282 Salice
O.285 – B.284 Oriente
O.287 – B.286 Oceano
O.289 – B.288 Ottawa
O.291 – B.290 Londra
O.293 – B.292 Fes
O.295 – B.294 Jaipur
O.297 – B.296 Orinoco
CAT LV2-Legno Rovere Vintage spacco nero
CAT NT-Noce Tan
CAT OS-Olmo Smoke
CAT RN-Legno Rovere naturale
CAT W5-Legno Rovere termo-trattato
CAT JWN-Legno-Walnut naturale Jazz
CAT JRN-Legno Rover naturale Jazz
Iks si completa con colonne, specchi, illuminazione interna, organizzatori per cassetti e vari complementi.